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The club has been going now for a fair few years and in those years, various members of the club have won trophies playing at WPS, GW and independent club tournaments for various game systems. This includes 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Most Sporting and even Best Painted - TWGC club members have won all of these trophies.

However the most important trophy to any Tanelorn player is the Tanelorn Club Wooden Spoon. Steeped in tradition from when the club first started, this trophy is coveted by any club player.


The rules are simple:-

  1. Three or more club players attend an event.

  2. To qualify as being a club player for the Club Wooden Spoon, then the club members must be paid up club members for the current year OR club players that have attended the club in the current year AMD were paid up club members in the previous year to the current year. The current year being the same year of the event that is being attended by club players for trying to "win" the club wooden spoon. Confused you will be!

  3. Then the lowest placing Tanelorn club player at the tournament wins the Tanelorn Club Wooden Spoon.

All the best players have won this trophy and for a laugh, we've decided to record the winners from 2009 onwards.

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